About company

The company BR Electronics LLC was founded on October 30, 2002.

Our main objective is production of high quality electronic, electromechanical and cable products corresponding to modern national and international requirements, meeting the demand of existing and potential customers, increasing of production interests of competitive products and stock optimization, as well as the implementation of the production prospective development.

Today you will find our products spread globally: oil platforms, oil-refining plants, chemical plants, gas stations and other extreme zones, as well as at cruise ships, private yachts, in airports, public buildings and private homes.

The priority direction of production activity of our company is production of electronic ballasts for the lighting sources used in explosive environments. Also, we produce a full range of cable products for these light sources.

The second important product line is electronic temperature controllers’ production for panel heaters.

One of the earliest company profiles is production of light-emitting-diode (LED) emergency indicator for marine and aircrafts.

Since 2013, we have been producing LED interior lighting devices for one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers. This is a new direction for us and we are justifiably proud of the fact that since first days we have produced and supplied only advanced products to the customer.

BR Electronics production area is 1500 square meters.  Production department is divided into five separate production sites, which operate independently of each other.

Production department work is based in compliance with all the requirements applicable to the production of radio-electronic products. In 2011 a full repair of all production facilities was made, particularly, the entire square of the production department was covered by antistatic linoleum which reduced the likelihood of electronic components damage by static charge by times.

Mass production is carried out by advanced equipment which is designed to automatize in maximum achievement of specified operations for our area.

For example, radioelements mounting on the printed-circuit boards are made by operators on the semi-automatic conveyors, but soldering is carried out on wave soldering automatic machines. At the present time there are two automatic lines adjusted at production site for soldering with and without lead.

Cable cutting is conducted by 4 different machines which allow us to produce a wide range of cable products.

Add-on radioelements preforming is made by using more than ten machines which allow simplify operation’ data in maximum and improve quality of their implementation.

LLC BR Electronics Company managed establishes everything necessary for constructive and effective work of its employees. All of us team up where everyone is responsible for own work quality recognizing own importance.

We aim to improve the professional level of our employees continuously. For this purpose advanced courses, any and all the possible external trainings and employee’s internal trainings are held every year.

The quality management system at BR Electronics LLC has been operating since 2012. In 2018, the company was recertified for compliance with ISO 9001: 2015 international standard. Effective management of internal and external documentation assists us strictly to regulate the activities on the production of certain products and respond quickly to customer requirements or regulations changes, which are associated with our business.

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Means of implementation of the "Quality Policy" is the company's Quality Management System. All employees involved in achieving the goals of the organization. Guide LLC "BR Electronics" brings "the quality policy," to each employee of the company, which is also available on site for review by any interested parties.

BR Electronics LLC is aware of the nature and extent of the impact of its activities, products and services on workers, and understands its responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions for workers, and for reducing professional risk levels.
Compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of labor protection is an important and integral part of the general system of managing the activities of BR Electronics LLC, the key to business stability and improving the economic situation and well-being of all employees of the organization as a whole.

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In spite of our efforts to concentrate on the production, we attach much significance to Environment protection. At all production stages we maintain careful use of natural resources giving preferences to non-waste methods of production to the detriment of economic parameters. We comply with requirements of laws and regulations in the field of environmental management and protection, and occupational safety. At the designing stage of pioneer products we aim to not only improve their quality indicators but also efficiency, upgrading of energy source usage and better environmental safety.