Company anti-corruption policy

Anti-corruption policy of “BR electronics” LLC has been approved by Order № 34 issued 26.09.2016.

Anti-corruption policy of “BR electronics” LLC is the core document defining key principles and requirements, aimed to for the prevention of corruption and maintain compliance with applicable anti-corruption law by the Company, for the Company’s employees and other persons which may act on behalf of the Company. 

The Policy is developed according to the Russian Federation legislation based on:

  • Federal Law issued 25.12.2008 №273-ФЗ «On Combating Corruption» (with further amendments);

  • Law № 898-01-ЗМО «On Combating Corruption in the Murmansk region».


The policy reflects the commitment of the Company and its management to maintain high ethical standards and principles of straight and honest conduct of business, as well as the Company’s efforts to improve business culture, following the best practice of corporate management and maintaining a business reputation at a proper level.


As part of the anti-corruption policy “BR electronics” LLC has established a goal:

  • To minimize the risk of involving Company and employees, regardless of job title, into corrupt activity.

  • To form a uniform understanding of the company policy about rejection of any kind of corruption for contractors, employees and other persons.

  • To specify obligation of Company employees to be aware of and comply with the principles and requests of present Policy, the key standards of applied anti-corruption law, as well as proper procedures for preventing corruption.


Anti-corruption policy of “BR electronics” LLC.

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