Electronic ballasts HFX T8

Electronic ballasts HFX T8 series are designed for work in emergency lighting source installable in explosion hazardous area. They provide stable high-frequency work of fluorescent lamps T8 (visible blinks and noise are excluded in total).

New HFX T8 ballasts are more general in contrast with previous generation E1003-4. Thus, they allow accessing one or two fluorescent lamps T8 with the capacity from 18 to 36 W. Operating voltage range is 110-254 V (alternating current) or 220-250 V (direct current).

New HFX T8 ballasts have got a new design. Enforced aluminum housing (with inner stiffener plates) is completely filled up with non-combustible two-component polyurethane. Product design completely eliminates the possibility of sparks when working, which makes the product suitable for using in hazardous areas. Products are designed to be installed inside the light source.

Convenience and reliability of electrical interfaces is provided by clip connector, wire-cross section connect is from 1.0 to 2,5 mm2.

"End-of-life" (EOL) – a special protection functions to control and prevention fluorescent lamps usage which service life is running out. Function implementation meets a standard EN/IEC 60079-7: 2006.

Technical characteristics